Sonder Architects is an emerging practice based on many years of professional experience. “Sonder”, also an emerging word, describes the realisation that everyone has an inner life as complex as ones’ own.  The practice seeks to connect with people and their ideas, relate people to their places, and collaborate to manifest spaces that delight.


Both born in Canberra, educated inter-state and professionally experienced abroad, Sonder principal architects have returned to contribute their experience and skills to Canberra and surrounding regions.  


The practice focuses on residential and community architecture; spaces that have a high impact on personal wellbeing, and where client environmental responsibilities can be prioritised. Sonder believes in adapting existing structures for contemporary life, and continuing a built form narrative across intergenerational, societal, technological and environmental transformations.

Sonder aims to imbue creativity within each and every project, no matter how small.  We realise the complexity of everyday life for everyday people.  We seek to create joy through the act of design and practice, with the aim of creating beautiful spaces for our clients.

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Sonder Architects