Claire graduated from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) where her design dissertation and high-grade average saw her achieve first-class honors.  Since graduating Claire has enjoyed a diverse career, working in Berlin on the ADAC office tower, Copenhagen on façade studies for Malmo Live, to high-end residential projects in Sydney and Melbourne. Born in Canberra, Claire has returned home to establish Sonder Architects where her ability to connect with clients and creatively problem-solve combine to deliver spaces that delight and aim to simply make you feel good. 


Professionally Claire exercises aesthetic judgement against practical concerns, but occasionally abandons this maxim outside of architecture where she makes time to paint.  Claire enjoys to quietly labor over a canvas (typically landscapes from various outdoor adventures), an interest furthered from winning a scholarship to study at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago while a student.

Claire Reece Sonder Architects

Claire Reece

Principal & Architect

BA Architecture 2007, Honors 1

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)

Upon graduating from the University of Queensland, Wendy spontaneously drove across Australia arriving in Darwin where she ended up living for over a decade.  During this time she worked on projects that responded to climatic and cultural conditions specific to the Top End.


Her love of architecture and people took her further afield to Vanuatu where her interests broadened to international community development and cultural heritage architecture.  Here her professional pursuits focused on local vernacular architecture, as well as Pacific urban housing.  These experiences have been foundations for Wendy’s research interests.  She has lectured across Australia and continues her work in Vanuatu through international student design programs and research projects.


Wendy has practiced architecture in Calgary, Vienna and Canberra, focusing on residential and small-scale public projects.  In these contexts she applies her passion for climate and cultural understanding to ensure that each project is unique and context specific.


Wendy has established Sonder Architects to marry her research interests with creating buildings that positively impact people’s lives.  She is detail oriented and skilled in managing complex projects and project teams. Outside of architecture you can find here riding up Canberra’s Mountains or tending to her urban menagerie.

Wendy Christie Sonder Architects

Wendy Christie

Principal & Architect

BA Architecture 2002, Honors 

BA Design Studies, 1999

University of Queensland (UQ)

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