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Why work with us?

As architects, Sonder are registered professionals.  This means five years of university qualifications are in the bag, years of practical experience gained, rigorous professional examinations passed and codes of moral and ethical conduct are upheld.


We deliver way more than just house plans!  We have BIG picture ideas, creative spatial problem-solving skills, aesthetic discernment, diverse technical knowledge and the people skills to deliver crafted and delightful work.

Let's discuss your ideas...


We offer a complimentary preliminary consult to assist getting your project underway 

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Construction can be stressful, costly and disruptive.  Our ability to take a project from conception to completion is absolutely unique and mitigates potential adversities and stress for our clients.  Our involvement throughout the process makes for a well planned build that results in a building customised to your needs, environmental targets and design values. 


Collaborate with us


Phase 1 – Design with us

Come and meet us!  We want to hear about your ideas, see your property or site and ultimately create an architecture that responds to your needs.  In collaboration with you, we’ll develop a sketch plan to match your brief, and then develop this further into 3D.  


Along the way we’ll be thinking about planning codes, sustainable solutions, construction types as well as potential materials and finishes.  Sketches, models, material samples and visualisations will help to ensure the look and feel of your project is just right for you.

Sketch Design



Phase 2 – Deliver through us

In this phase we get technical and draw up the pattern book that will become your building.  A tailored drawing set and specification are developed, which think through building details and describes the works for construction.  Once on site, Sonder oversees the construction process by administering the building contract.  We visit the site, answer requests for information, review shop drawings and oversee the payment process.  We'll keep you informed and manage all the details for you.


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Claire Reece Architect  Wendy Christie Architect

Sonder Architects Canberra ACT NSW Australia

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