Sonder Values

Sustainability is intrinsic to our practice and we approach it in several ways. 

Environmental Responsibilities

Environmentally, we are acutely aware that the construction industry is one of the larger contributors of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and waste.  We actively encourage clients to make informed sustainable choices with the aim of building smarter and living better.

We are members of ‘Architects Declare’ a professional group focused on creating architecture with a positive impact on the world around us. We are in a position of responsibility to guide your project towards a ‘best practice’ scenario.  We aim to achieve joyful, beautiful spaces that simultaneously consider sustainability through responsible product lifecycle and carbon efficient choices.

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Environmental Principles

Our approach to achieve highly liveable spaces is based on solar passive design principles.  Our response to site will consider solar orientation foremost, directional breezes, existing vegetation and shading, landform, views, and specific physical context.  Architecture is bespoke because it can respond to environmental factors that cookie-cutter outcomes neglect.  We achieve spaces that are pleasant year-round and built to last.


Environmental Strategies

Improving the energy performance of your home is one part of our sustainability commitment.  The right construction details and systems used for our climate will see our clients save on their energy bills.  By improving your home, you benefit via the liveability of a space and actively work towards minimising our impact on the greater planet.

We promote the retention of structures wherever viable to reduce resource consumption and will guide all new material and system selections though the lens of embodied energy, carbon sequestering and durability.

Social Environments

Sustainability is all encompassing.  It is more than sensitive siting, energy performance, smart materials, and systems selections.  At its core, it is also about respect, culture, and relationships.  It is about ensuring you are comfortable with the decisions made, and that your home reflects the values that are intrinsic to your life.  We want to make sure you love your spaces so that you will want to live there for years to come.

Sonder is about connections.  Connections to place.  Connections to people. Connections to the landscape and environment.  Our architecture is about sustaining long term relationships, with you and your family, your neighbours, your pets (a build takes time, and we will be part of your life for a while!).  Sustainable relationships make for a smooth building process and a happy and productive construction team.

We also understand that places are personal and values are idiosyncratic.  Sometimes a specific part of your land or house may be significant to you.  We approach design as a conversation that includes our clients’ views and ensure that decisions are made in accordance with personal values and project priorities.

Sonder Architects tailors sustainable solutions and construction decisions to your personal project as part of the global movement to create a more sustainable planet.

Collaborate with us

Phase 1

Design with us

We want to hear about your ideas, see your property or site and ultimately create an architecture that responds to your needs.  In collaboration with you, we’ll develop a sketch plan to match your brief, and then develop this further into 3D.  

Along the way we’ll be thinking about planning codes and construction types as well as potential materials and finishes.  Sketches, models, material samples and visualisations will help to ensure the look and feel of your project is just right for you.

Phase 2

Deliver through us

In this phase we get technical and draw up the pattern book that will become your building.  A tailored drawing set and specification are developed, which think through building details and describes the works for construction.  Once on site, Sonder oversees the construction process by administering the building contract.  We visit the site, answer requests for information, review shop drawings and oversee the payment process.

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