Here at Sonder, we think making sustainable choices is a no-brainer.  Why wouldn’t you want to improve the performance of your home and save on energy bills?  And by improving your home, you minimise your impact on the planet, everyone’s home!


The construction industry is one of the larger contributors of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and waste.  Sonder are members of Architects Declare and are in a position of responsibility to guide material selections and construction methods towards a ‘best practice’ scenario.  We aim to achieve joyful, beautiful spaces that simultaneously consider sustainability through responsible product lifecycle and carbon efficient choices. 


Sonder are all over passive design (again, no-brainer!).  Our architectural response to site will always consider solar orientation, directional breezes, existing vegetation and shade, landform, views and the specific context.  Atop this we have the technical knowledge to guide our clients on renewable energy systems and material uses that provide low embodied energy, carbon sequestering and durability.  We encourage an architecture that is built to last. 


But for us, sustainability is even more than sensitive siting and smart material and systems selections.  Sustainability is all encompassing. 


At its core, sustainability is also about respect, culture and relationships.  It is about ensuring you are comfortable with the decisions made, and that your home reflects the values that are intrinsic to your life.  We want to make sure you love your spaces so that you will want to live there for years to come (we aren’t interested in ‘flipping’ houses).  


Sonder is about connections.  Connections to place.  Connections to people.  Connections to the landscape and environment.  Our architecture is about sustaining long term relationships, with you and your family, your neighbours, your pets (a build takes time, and we will be part of your life for a while).  Sustainable relationships make for a smooth building process and a happy and productive construction team.


We also understand that places are personal, budgets are limited, and values are idiosyncratic.  Sometimes a specific part of your land or house may be significant or nostalgic to you.  We will always listen and ensure that decisions are made in accordance with your values and project priorities.  That’s the Sonder difference. 


Sonder Architects tailor sustainable solutions and construction decisions to your personal project as part of the global movement to create a more sustainable planet.  


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