Sonder – n  (sohn-derr)

  • The awareness that everyone has their own complex lived experience and creative connections;
  • An architecture practice that collaborates with clients to create joyful spaces.

Eucalyptus House

Sonder Architects

Sonder Architects seeks to connect with people and their ideas, collaborate and manifest spaces that delight. ‘Sonder’ refers to the wisdom gained when you perceive or enter another’s mindset. We offer bespoke architectural services with this personalised approach in mind.

The practice focuses on residential and community architecture, spaces that have a high impact on personal wellbeing, and where client environmental responsibilities can be prioritised. Sonder believes in adapting existing structures for contemporary life, and continuing a built form narrative across intergenerational, societal, technological and environmental transformations.

Sonder aims to imbue creativity and sustainability within each and every project. We realise the complexity of everyday life for everyday people and aim to create beautiful spaces for our clients.


Studio Shack


Mountain House